Read Across America: Dr. Seuss Birthday

We love Dr. Seuss, and have an extensive collection of nearly every Dr. Seuss book possible to own. March is Read Across America National Reading Month in celebration of the beloved Dr. Seuss,born on March 2nd in 1904.

As an infant, Hop on Pop was a popular, often requested, book from my older son. When he was 4 ½ months old, we made a trip home to Germany. The Dr. Seuss book, Hop on Pop is one of the books we traveled with, reading on the plane, in the airport and while travelling around Germany. Close to 2 years of age, my son actually could “read” most of this book when looking at the pictures. Basically he had the book memorized.


Here are some free printables to go along with the Hop on Pop book. Good for all ages!

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Pup in Cup Worksheet for preposition practice and rhyming words

“op” word family manipulatives, coloring pages, worksheets

Here is a hop on pop coloring page. I can’t wait to surprise my son with this project. This is his favorite page from the Hop on Pop book.

Preposition practice for “in” and “on” by looking at pictures and reading the sentences.  

We are all Tall Worksheet


All Dr. Seuss themed printables, crafts, games and more

Make a puppet and learn some facts about Dr. Seuss himself

Here is a very interesting description of Who’s Who & What’s What in all the Books of Dr. Seuss from the digital library of Dartmouth. I found this page extremely interesting and enjoyed reading through some descriptions.

A fun interactive computer site with games & activities, videos, books, author and more.

Print & Cut fun tic-tac-toe game

LOVE this one! We wisemommies love the grinch (see picture, above) Make your own Grinch mask or Grinch doorknob hanger

Connect the dots fun with the Grinch

Use your imagination to complete this drawing of “what’s that? Yill-iag-yak”

This page is great for practicing word families through flashcards, manipulatives, coloring pages, worksheets and more printables


We encourage all parents to take a little extra time to read to their children today in celebration of Read Across America Day! We wisemommies are making it a Dr. Seuss themed day using some of the above activities. We are also having a day given to reading. Our goal is to read to our son as much as he desires in celebration of RAA Day!



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