Recovering from a C-Section: The Hall Walk

From my room to the room of the boys in the NICU, I had to walk 4x what you see in the picture posted. Let me tell you, after having gone through a major surgery, being swollen, and in great pain, trying to walk down this hall to get to my newborn babies, was quite the workout and feat. In my condition, this hall walk seemed more like 8x the distance. By the time I made it to the NICU, I was usually in great pain and wanting to lay down to recover. That didn’t happen though. Instead, I would be up and down, in low, uncomfortable, chairs, trying to feed and hold my babies for hours.


Why didn’t I let myself be wheeled around in a wheelchair? I did, once, the morning after my C-section. However, with my husband still having to work and my mom watching my toddler, always calling and waiting for hospital help to push me down and around the NICU depleted my time spent with my babies. I spent many hours during the day, night, and early mornings making this long, hard, enduring walk that seemed to have no painless end.


Yes, most moms get to lay in bed recovering nicely, as I did with my first son, with their babies by their bedside. Nevertheless, I think even this hall workout had its purpose from God. Seeing as I had the blood clots which caused my placenta abruption and my current blood thinning disorder, I was at an even higher risk, than other women, for blood clots. So the extra walking up and down the halls, an average walking of maybe 2 hours a day, just a day after having a C-section, might have been what the good Lord had planned to keep me from having another blood clot during my recovery.


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