Regency Bridge – Ghost Town Suspension Bridge

Regency Bridge was the last suspension bridge in Texas still open to vehicle traffic, at least until September 2020. The locals refer to this bridge as “The Swinging Bridge.” Some people have called it the scariest bridge in Texas. Regency Bridge – Ghost Town Suspension Bridge.

Suspension Bridges in Texas

There were 54 suspension bridges in Texas. Now there are eight remaining suspension bridges.

The Regency Suspension Bridge is the last suspension bridge in Texas still open to traffic. However, in September 2020, the bridge was closed again to vehicles due to structural damage.

We visited this Bridge in April 2021 and the damages have not been repaired so you can still not drive across.

Walking the Regency Suspension Bridge

We walked the bridge and it does indeed jostle, bounce and swing. It even makes creepy creaking sounds.

There is a small parking area (4-5 cars) on the south side of the bridge.

The bridge is beautiful and the views from the bridge are fantastic. Honestly, the view is truly breathtaking.

Texas Ghost Town

Regency, TX

Don’t look for the Regency Bridge in Regency, TX. Regency Texas is now a ghost town with just around 20 residents. Before becoming a ghost town, Regency Texas had just over 200 residents, a church, a post office, a cotton gin, a gristmill, a general store, and a constable.

Directions to The Regency Bridge

Historical Marker for the Bridge

Along with the TxDOT, when George W.Bush was governor of Texas, a restoration campaign saved this bridge.

Historical Marker for the Bridge

Between the San Saba and Mills Counties, this bridge stretches over the Colorado River. Before reaching the bridge, there is a dirt road to drive.

This bridge is remote, off the beaten path and GPS usually doesn’t find its direct location. Many people spend hours driving in circles trying to find this bridge.

The Route I Drove to The Regency Bridge

From San Saba:

  • Go north on TX-16/N High St until FM500
  • Turn left onto Ranch Rd 500 (FM 500)
  • Stay on FM500 until you reach County Rd 137
  • Take CR 137 to CR 433
  • To get to CR 433, you have to cross The Regency Bridge.
  • The drive from San Saba to the entrance of the Regency Bridge is about 18 miles.

Exact location of the bridge:

It is in the middle of County Roads, CR 137 and CR 433. I had no issues whatsoever finding it. Cell phone service was spotty, but I also had this place marked on our TX road map.

If you are coming from Goldthwaite, TX, it looks like this would be the route, drive west on Farm to Market 574 to Co Rd 432. Take Co Rd 432 to Co Rd 433. Regency Bridge will be on your left.

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