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We’ve had many inquires about a local pastry shop in the heart of Lake Highlands. Haute Sweets Patisserie located at 10230 E. Northwest Highway is indeed a sweet find. We sat down with Pastry Chef and Co-owner Tida Pichakron for a little Q&A to get the inside scoop on this exquisite little pastry shop.

Experience the atmosphere and feeling of a great pastry shop
Experience the atmosphere and feeling of a great pastry shop

From the moment you walk into the non-descript storefront in the Northlake Shopping Center at Northwest Highway and Ferndale, one can enjoy the atmosphere and feeling of a great pastry shop.

Your eyes will delight in simple, clean elegance galore as the carefully hand-made sweets are boutifully exalted in glory in an impressive display. The array of smells from oven-fresh pastries to sweet jam and chocolate aromas is reason enough to visit this store.

This is a walk-in shop so take some time to have a sweet moment with a loved one at Haute. It’s also family friendly and the kids would enjoy looking through the glass wall as the bakers work hard to create the multitude of pastries, desserts and cakes. Along with the sweets, you can order coffee in support of another local business, Noble Coyote. Haute Sweets Patisserie has two chefs and co-owners: Chef Tida Pichakron and Chef Gianni Santin. They met in Las Vegas as Pastry Chefs.

Our Q&A with Chef Tida Pichakron:
1) What inspired you to become a pastry chef?Basically I love pastries so I thought to make them.”

WiseMommies reviews Haute Sweets
WiseMommies reviews Haute Sweets

2) What is your favorite item at the bakery?Macs; I love the colors and to create them.” After talking some more about macs, Chef Tida’s eyes widened and her lips puckered as if tasting the treat at that very moment and said her favorites were alsoCoffee Caramel Hazelnut Tart” and also “Oatmeal Cream Pie which was my husband’s suggestion to make.

3) What is important to you for people to know about your Patisserie?It is a small business and supported locally.”

Passion Fruit was surprisingly our very favorite macs. The boys fought over the PB&J.
Passion Fruit was surprisingly one of our very favorite macs. The boys fought over the PB & J (peanut butter and jelly).

4) What or who are your influences?Chef Gianni, he’s a master and can whip up like you wouldn’t believe; He’s the MacGyver of pastry.” “He is the mastermind of the cakes and will not shy away from fondant or buttercream.”

5) Where do you eat in Dallas?HG supply for clean eating; Whistling Pig for fish and chips; Cock & Bull for hamburgers; I custom them at least once a week.”

6) What would be the last item you would bake and what would you want as your last supper?Asian food, that’s what I always gravitate towards and oreos.” “Flourless Cake (sold in their store) because it’s just crazy how simple and rich it tastes but being flourless.”

Flourless Cake
Flourless Cake

7) Do you ever run specials?Nitrogen Ice Cream.” To find out more follow them on facebook:

8) What is the most unusual pastry item you ever made or tasted? “Per a customer request: “Bone Marrow Pastry; It was gross but we did it.” Chef Tida also went on to tell us how they suggested something else and the customer was happier with their recommendation.

9) What time allowance should people give for placed orders?For a 1 tier grocery store size cake, 72 hours. This costs around $36 with inscription and chef’s choice of design so it looks better than grocery store.”

The following is a list of various items offered at Haute Sweets Patisserie along with a sampling list of some of their speciality items such as gluten free, paleo, vegan and dairy free. Desserts offered in store (this is just a small selection – more available in store):

French Macarons (assortment of 12 flavors) (Gluten Free, with exception of Cookie Butter)
Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fleur de Sel, Butterfinger – flavors rotate), Oatmeal Cream Pie, Cheesecake, Chocolate Pot de Creme (Gluten Free), Cupcakes (Red Velvet, Carrot, and Chocolate), Key Lime Tart, Coffee Caramel Hazelnut Tart, Lemon Olive Oil Cake, Chocolate Flourless Cake (Gluten Free)
Mini Mocha Flourless Cake (Gluten Free), Tiramisu Opera Cake (Gluten Free), White Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse (Gluten Free)
Chocolate Mousse (Gluten Free), Pop Star Popsicles (Gluten Free)
Paleo Items (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and no refined sugars):
Paleo Almond Butter Brownie, Paleo Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie
Vegan (offered occasionally):
Vegan Chocolate Cake
You can also find us at Good Local Markets at the Green Spot and Lakeside Baptist Church locations. And, we are supporters of other local businesses:Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters (located in East Dallas) – all fair trade and organic coffee; Pop Star Popsicles – All natural and organic popsicles; Empire Baking Company

boys mags 4
Selfie loving on macs…can hardly wait to eat. Love the different excitement and anticipation on each child’s face!

If you haven’t checked them out yet, Haute Sweets is truly a special pastry in Lake Highlands. Besides ordering a better quality of cake for a birthday or special occasion, or walking in to enjoy a sweet moment with a loved one, this is a place where those with dietary restrictions can also visit and enjoy. As Chef Tida said, “We’re artisans in what we do. We aren’t machines piping; Our hands our piping out the goods. We don’t skim on ingredients used. We use the finest ingredients such as Plugra butter from Europe.”

As WiseMommies, we want to add again how family friendly this place is, and so we end our post with some reviews shared directly with us via some other Lake Highland’s mothers:

Carolyn Kramer-Fountain: “My son Luke is allergic to dairy. It is a challenge, to say the least to find yummy sweets for him. H S Patisserie made him the BEST chocolate birthday cake I have ever tasted, with all natural ingredients & no dairy products. They were so sensitive to his needs, and making sure his 4th Bday cake was special, tasty, and looked just as cool as any ‘ regular’ cake. We are now regulars there!”

Megan Smith: “We’re so fortunate to have this bakery right here in our neighborhood. Everything I’ve tried has been a delight, but by far my favorite item is the oatmeal cream pie. This is the item I try to have on hand for babysitters or like to bring to a friend having a bad day. They are perfect!” Megan also asked us, “By the way have you been to Haute Sweets for breakfast? I keep hearing about their beignets and coffee. Sounds pretty awesome!

Laura Stead: ”Haute Sweets, with it’s small, clean storefront and quiet atmosphere made me a little anxious with my crew. One of the pastry chefs (a gentleman) was so kind to us and was very helpful. He overheard my boys asking me about the industrial sized mixers and offered to take us on a tour! We left the patisserie with samples to take home and smiles on our faces. We will definitely be back soon!!”

Owners: Chef Tida Pichakron (left), Chef Gianni Santin (right) Haute Sweets Patisserie, LLC.
Owners: Chef Tida Pichakron (left), Chef Gianni Santin (right)
Haute Sweets Patisserie, LLC.

In today’s struggling economy for small businesses, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to use our blog, WiseMommies, to help support local businesses and family friendly venues that we feel strongly in supporting. This was not a sponsored post but two local Lake Highlands’ moms trying to support a local shop that we think is great.

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