Roasted Curry Cauliflower

I’ve been trying to convince several of my American friends to start eating more curry. One of my absolute favorite dishes is a cauliflower chicken curry dish. I’ve posted the recipe, cooked with a whole chicken, cilantro and limes, but I wanted to re-post the curry cauliflower recipe with some extra helpful tips.

I know the sound of cauliflower or curry alone doesn’t sound appetizing to most. Honestly, I didn’t use to be a fan of cauliflower. However, I assure you, this mixture and recipe for cooking the two together will change your mind and make you a fan of both curry and cauliflower.

You Need:
2 bunches of cauliflower
extra virgin olive oil
yellow curry powder

To make Roasted Curry Cauliflower
Break cauliflower into desired, smaller, pieces
Wash well, pat dry
Place into a large bowl
Pour some olive oil over cauliflower
Sprinkle desired amount of curry
Mix/toss to coat
Pour prepared cauliflower into a baking pan to cook
Cook at 400F for 1-2 hours
I cook mine for 2 hours because I like the top of the cauliflower browned a little crispy
Every 45minutes, toss to coat and baste, add more curry on top if also desired, or just olive oil for the basting
We love curry and it cooks in so well to the cauliflower
I usually go overboard with adding curry

Hope your family enjoys this as a side dish as much as my family does. Would love to hear any curry recipes your family cherishes and gobbles up. This curry cauliflower recipe is also thought to be a natural remedy for ovarian cysts, read more via my post, which is why I started implementing this recipe monthly as a side dish.

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