Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra

Several years ago, I discovered this amazing bra that allowed me to work and pump at the same time. Simple Wishes hands-free bra!
It’s how I was able to write and blog, budget finances, work out meal plans, sit and eat a meal with two hands and so much more while expressing milk for my twins. I seriously was so excited to discover this bra; life changing for stay at home moms and working moms! This is a sponsored post with a fantastic giveaway below!

Back in 2012, I published a post Hands-free pumping bra because it was seriously life changing to discover this bra and I wish I had known about it when I was pumping for my singleton. Simple Wishes makes specialized bras that hold breast pumps so you can pump both breasts simultaneously and be hands-free. The bra is designed to work with all major breast pump manufacturers, including Medela, Philips AVENT, Lansinoh, Bellema, Evenflo, and Spectra Baby (most popular in my twin group). The fact that I was able to pump more while managing newborn twins and a singleton helped me to be successful in exclusively breastfeeding.

I seriously looked like this most of the day, trying to work & pump after and in-between feeding my twins. The bra has great coverage too. I would usually throw a cover scarf on, pump and read a book to my toddler.
Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra Giveaway Below!!

How the Bra Fits:
The back of the bra has a 10″ adjustable Velcro panel so it’s extremely easy to take on and off and adjusts to your body perfectly as you gain or lose weight while pumping. I actually gained weight breastfeeding.

I was thinking the bra would not stay up on its on but I never had any issues with it falling off or sliding down.

It really was a great and comfortable fitting bra while holding up bottles of heavy milk.
Machine washable! It justs doesn’t get any better.

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