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We wisemommmies LOVE fondue. As a tradition, every year, at New Years, our two wisemommies’s families come together for a night of festive fun and 8-10 hours of eating fondue. We wisemommies prepare and serve everything. This year, our dinner guest list included 9 people and we always serve 3 proper fondue courses. We begin with the cheese fondue, then everyone rests, plays games, talk, for several hours before continuing on to a meat fondue course followed by a dessert fondue. Later, we do plan to post some videos for how we do our fondue in our youtube channel as well as a step by step how to via some posts. Stay tuned!


Before beginning this tradition, of fondue, with our wisemommies’s families together, we wisemommies ate, several times, at the restaurant Simply Fondue in Dallas, TX. Simply Fondue was founded in Dallas back in 1989 and I’ve been a regular at this place since my days in college, late 90’s. Now Simply Fondue has restaurants all over the world and was voted as “top 75 restaurants in America” by travel and leisure magazine.


We love Simply Fondue and encourage others to have a night out at this wonderful restaurant. Don’t forget to sign up for their Fondue Friends Club, click here. For more birthday discounts and Free club memberships, click here.

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