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The Skuut bike is a favorite of us wisemommies. We gifted our sons for the 2nd birthday with this award-winning wooden bike.

It has no pedals or training wheels. Children kick off the ground pushing themselves and the bike forward. The Skuut is a great first bike designed to develop a child’s balance and coordination by simply allowing the child to sit and walk or run with the bike while pushing with their feet. It is also great for developing the most important skills necessary to ride a bike with pedalsbalance and motor skills

Traditional toddler bikes, with “training wheels”, don’t necessarily train or teach a child how to ride a bicycle. The training wheels are merely a crutch that give the child a false sense of security and merely keep the child busy or entertained rather than actually helping the child develop the necessary balance.


All parts are extremely robust and the body is made of birchwood that´s coated with non toxic lacquer. The saddle can be adjusted for your child´s height as he grows.

skuut bike_thorsten

skuut bike_maxAs I mentioned before, my son got his bike at the age of two. We then lowered his saddle all the way down so he was able to put his feet on the ground.

It´s been incredible to watch him learn to ride this bike. We took him out to the sidewalk and he walked along with his feet. At first he would lift the front wheel to maneuver it when he would come to a bend in the sidewalk. This bike is very light so it´s super easy to lift and move. It took him a couple of hours to figure out how to steer, but he improved with practice. What´s also great, and very important, if the bike starts to fall, your child instinctively regains balance using their feet.

Within a week, he began to add a bit more speed to his ride. You may think, how does he stop on this bike? Well, he mastered this from his very first day. You simply break with your feet and get the bike to stop. We call it the “Fred-Flintstone Stop” 🙂 After a couple of weeks, he was able to build up some speed and cruise while lifting his legs. 

I was surprised but also happy how effective this bike works. We would recommend it to any parent.


Last but not least are some facts about the Skuut balance bike:

  • Without pedals and training wheels, kids intuitively learn to refine their handling skills by first ”walking” the bike along
  • As their confidence and abilities improve, kids can lengthen their strides and increase the amount of time their feet are off the ground.
  • Braking is accomplished by simply putting feet down on the ground
  • The simple 3-piece design is made from birchwood and coated with a nontoxic lacquer; assembly is easy and takes just minutes
  • Steering angles are limited so that children don’t accidentally turn too hard and crash

skuut bike_back

It’s also great to know that a tree is planted when you buy a skuut, an agreement made with a company which Skuut™ has partnered with; Trees for the Future. 


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