Kissing the Blarney Stone & St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Have you ever kissed A Blarney Stone? What about “THE” Blarney Stone in Ireland? In order to kiss it, you have to lean, really lean, backward, holding on to an iron rail, but after all the trouble you will be bestowed the gift of eloquence. The feature picture shows my French girlfriend kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, Ireland. This post is about Kissing the Blarney Stone and St. Patrick’s Day Crafts.

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Here, I'm crawling around under Blarney Castle, Ireland with my French Girlfriend, Aurelie
Crawling around under Blarney Castle, Ireland with my French Girlfriend, Aurelie after Kissing the Blarney Stone

However, if you haven’t made it to Southwestern Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone at the famous 1446 castle situated on the edge of a cliff, then let me tell you how you can make your own Blarney Stone fun/craft to kiss for St. Patrick’s Day/Week or just to celebrate something Irish.

blarney stone 2 (800x600)
The Blarney Stone my son and his friend made before kissing the blarney stone.

Craft #1: Make your own Irish Blarney Stone:
You’ll need: smooth/clean rock, brush, green paint/green glitter, glue, markers, decorations such as plastic jewelry, googly eyes, bits of yarn, glitter

blarney stone (800x600)
My German/American son and his French/American friend making Irish Blarney Stones because who doesn’t love anything Irish?

To Make: Take your clean and dry rock, paint it green or paint some green glitter paint on it.

My son kissing his Blarney Stone
My son kissing his Blarney Stone

Once the paint is dry, decorate your rock; eyes, a nose, hair, eyebrows, and mouth. Another idea for the DIY Blarney Stone is making melted crayon rock art. Melted crayon rock arts look nice in the garden and or to give as a gift. Click here to find out how to make these.

Kissing your Blarney Stone: Don’t forget to kiss your blarney stone for good luck and eloquence!!

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