What to do with stained baby or toddler clothing

Anyone have stained or torn clothes from kids, old towels/sheets, or clothes with holes and besides throwing them away you aren’t sure what to do with these items?  Here is a great option: Support the “Long Live Fashion Campaign” at H&M: unwanted clothes recycled for more fashion.

Give H&M these used items, any condition, any brand, and they give you a clothes discount to shop with. What?? Yes, I’m serious, and to one of my favorite clothing stores of all time. Can you tell that I’m just a little bit excited with my discovery?!?!

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Super easy to recycle, collect a voucher and shop!

Here is how it works:
Take a bag or two of used clothes or home textiles to the nearest H&M store. Drop the bag off in one of their drop off kiosks, but make sure they see you do this, and ask for a discount voucher.

For each bag of clothes donated, you will receive a voucher for 15% off your total purchase for the next purchase made (max of 2 vouchers per exchange in one day). In addition to getting a voucher, you can feel good knowing your used items will be recycled and not add to our landfill buildup.

While living in Ireland, I developed a strong love for the store H&M and I’ve reacquainted that love with H&M for its children’s section, being the fashionably hip mom that I am (people still say hip, right?). Not only are the clothes super affordable, but the quality of clothes are durable and hold up. I have three boys, so I’m serious when I say that they hold up

H&M wants to help reduce recyclable textiles that are filling up our landfills. Support a good cause and get a discount at H&M.

My own system of organizing to donate and recycle:
I have a donation box that stays stationed in my garage. Every couple of months I try to go through and clean out closets, bathroom cabinets or my kitchen every couple of years. When I determine clothes outdated, outgrown or with spots that just aren’t coming out (via my three boys and especially from my infant twins) I throw these items into this box.

Every 6 months, I call Salvation Army for a pickup of these boxes. However, with clothes that have had stains or holes in them, before, I always threw away and felt guilty. Now, I feel good knowing of an easy option for recycling stained baby and toddler clothing or other damaged textiles, while also getting a voucher to save our family money.

On a sad note, I’ve heard this program, at H&M, might be ending soon? So go recycle and get your vouchers while you can, and let us know where you recycle your damaged textiles….for future references…

Do you know of other places that take unwearable clothes and textiles for recycling?

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3 thoughts on “What to do with stained baby or toddler clothing”

  1. Hope our H&M opens here soon and that they still have that program. The other thing I do is donate my husband’s old stained dress shirts to a program through my church. They give them to migrant farm workers in our area to use in the fields so it doesn’t matter what they look like.

    • Jamie, I know, I was so excited when H&M finally opened up in Dallas….I love that your church donates to migrant farm workers. I’m sure their clothes wear out quickly, and what a great way to recycle and help.
      Thanks for sharing!
      This has given me an idea to pass along to my attending church. Thanks!


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