Start early for building Self-esteem in your baby

It’s never too early to start building self-esteem in your child. The following are some tips for starting this with your newborn baby.


1) Cuddle, hug and kiss as this early loving touch is one of the best ways to promote emotional and physical health in a child. Try to play games that promote physical contact by singing songs where you can incorporate touch such as:
patty-cake (with their arms/hands)
piggy went to market (with their toes)
itsy bitsy spider (up & down their body)
wheels on the bus (with arms, legs; whole body)

2) Speak praises, even if your baby isn’t understanding you, still speak. Let them hear your voice, your intonation and message. Speak phrases such as:
“you are my sunshine”
“I love you”
“you have brought joy into my world”
“your terrific”
“you are a true gift from God.”

3) Encourage as a cheerleader. When your baby has accomplished something such as cooed, grabbed a toy, turned over, or turned to look at you when talking, applause, cheer, do a little dance or roll yourself to show your excitement. It’s your feedback, even starting as a newborn that can help your child feel encouraged in discovering the world.

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