Did you survive or enjoy Christmas 2014?

With traveling, gift giving, home decorating, event attending, overeating and more, I ask you the question: Did you survive or enjoy Christmas 2014?

It is a sad day in our house because we just had family leave our home today. For me, anytime our guest room is being utilized by friends or family, everything is bustling; feels more complete; and I am pleased. I always hate the feeling of guests leaving my home and feel like crying. It is fulfilling to be able to host family from cooking to cleaning to event planning and more.

A Wonderful Life at our house this Christmas
A Wonderful Life at our house this Christmas

I love having more family members in our home but especially during the holidays. Feeling sad with my brother and SIL gone, especially because it was such a delightful and fun Christmas with them, so I was thinking upon Christmas and what some of my favorite moments have been.

This Christmas I would have to say my favorite moment was something my 4 yr old said just a week before Christmas. It was a moment where I felt elated that everything is how it should be for my children; simple and real.

Standing in the kitchen; listening to Christmas music; watching my 4 yr old help his younger brothers open their advent calendars; drinking warm chocolate milk, and my son turned to me and asked:
Son: Mama do you know what the meaning of Christmas is?
Mama: Yes, but do tell what you think the meaning of Christmas is?
Son: It is Jesus’ Birthday.
Mama: Yes it is and that’s why it’s such a big and wonderful celebration for the whole month…..

Even though holidays can be a source of conflict and stress they can also be a source of pure joy. This moment with my son was a good reminder of how simple and what Christmas is really all about. How was your Christmas this year? Did you survive or enjoy Christmas 2014?

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