Swag Wag Family

 We feel pretty cool! After a 1 ½ years of not having a car, understandable for the 3 years I lived in Germany, but for Dallas this is pretty unheard of, well, we finally got something. Wait, not just something but a Swag Wag! Oh yeah!! The pressure to finally get something came from dire necessity. Within a month, a drunk driver totalled my hubby’s car, and we had preterm twins. For a family of 5, not having a means of auto transportation in Dallas is practically unthinkable. We are definitely enjoying our swag wag.

I’ve watched the below video, several times, with my husband and toddler. I have them both practicing throwing down some swag signs and busting out some swag dance moves. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my serious German husband come home from work, do a little side step walk, throw down his swag sign and ask, “where my kids at, yeah, where my kids at”swag wag_3_Sienna_Swagger_Wagon-04

As they say, this goes out to all you minivan families out there who get a Sienna SE for space but fill it with your family’s swaggerJ Ok, our swag wag isn’t this nice, picture right, but i feel like it is! Can you imagine?

Click here for the Swagger Wagon video:

Swag out!


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