Swimming with a Toddler

 As summer comes to an end, smile under_waterwe find ourselves a bit sad and happy. While I love autumn and the cool weather that comes with it, our little fish has to say goodbye to swimming in our pool.

He really took to the water, diving and swimming underwater starting with 16 months. I love how he even manages to smile for mama, and for pictures, while just swimming away underwaterSo cute!! He really loves the water.
We started introducing our child to water at the age of 2 months through a FREE waterbabies class at Emler.

diving under_water_3diving under_water_4

Do you have a little fish? How did you introduce them to the water? Have you been to Emler’s Swim School? If yes, what class did you or your child attend?

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3 thoughts on “Swimming with a Toddler”

    • Thanks Amy and French Connection!! He’s such a great swimmer…I was trying to hold my nose and had goggles on to take the pictures. I think he could give me swim lessons! I think the pictures are sort of cool too 😆


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