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Make a Thankful Garden for those who care for your children. Instead of just giving a store bought gift or giving a gift card, why not have your child make a gift that also holds a gift card? The following is a very easy DIY gift card holder and you can put anything in it from gift cards to hand cream…. We do this every year as a teacher appreciation gift, including a decorated pot for the school’s principal, secretary and all of my son’s teachers from his main teacher to his music and computer teacher. I like that the craft is easy for my son, to do with minimal facilitation from me, while also being something different, useful and special for his teachers. It’s a nice opportunity to teach your kids that we need to take the time to thank their educators, and they’ll probably enjoy, as my son greatly does, to take the time to make and give their teachers something made by them.
My son attends a school with an added Christian emphasis so we personalized the wording to be “Thank you for Planting the Seeds of Learning and Spirituality.” You can change your wording for what seeds, you feel, have been planted your child’s life. Thank you planting the seeds of empathy or education or just learning….

My son decorating the outside with flowers: "Thank you for planting the seeds of Learning and Spirituality"
My son decorating the outside with flowers

You can even make a thankful pot or garden for a neighbor, friend, grandparent….This craft can easily be modified to deliver different messages to someone who you would like to give thanks. Here are some other wording examples: “Thank you for planting the seeds of a grandparent”, “Thank you for planting the seeds of community being such a great neighbor”, “Just planting the seeds of community as a neighbor.” “Thank you for years of planting seeds of friendship, helping to keep our friendship strong and growing.”

My son painting his hand to make his handprints
My son painting his hand to make his handprints

What you’ll need (I bought everything except for the gift cards at the dollar store)
1) Pots (I used metal buckets this year because I thought all the teachers could use them for storage later)
2) Paint, paintbrushes, paper plate to put paint on
3) Stuffing for inside the pots; I use wrapping tissue and or bath sponges
4) Wood sticks, you could use tongue depressors, popsicle sticks or coffee stirrers
5) Glue
6) Small bags of seeds
7) Gift cards
8) Cards (for personalized messages)
9) Stickers or fake flowers to glue or put on the outside box

Glue sticks on the back of your cards and seeds
Glue sticks on the back of your cards and seeds

To Make
1) Have your child paint his hand, from paint on the paperplate and help them to make painted handprints on the pots, on the box, and on the outside of the personalized cards
2) While that dries, take wooden sticks and glue to the back of the bags of seeds, gift cards, personal cards or whatever else you would like to use for filling the pots

3) Get a medium sized brown box: Use this for placing all your pots in, creates a complete garden, and I do this to help me deliver all the pots to the school office easily. On this box is where I let my child put his painted handprints, and I paint the words we want to say, see the introductory paragraph above or pictures included in this post for examples
4) Allow everything to dry, maybe overnight
5) When dry, I let my son put bath sponges into every pot (maybe on top of tissue paper). This helps the seeds and cards to stick up higher and be seen.
6) Then I let my son, add other goodies to the pots such as fake flowers (I let him cut these and place them into the pots; he loves this) gift cards, small bags of seeds and to finish everything off, gummy worms. Because what garden is not complete without their earthworms?

My son putting the cards and flowers into the pots
My son putting the cards and flowers into the pots

7) I added a garden gnome for my son’s main teacher. Especially being German, he should include a garden gnome, right!

8) On the side of the box, we also added three pairs of gardening gloves and put a knee cushion in the bottom of the box for gardening(but this could probably also be used in the classroom)

I’m always interested in other teacher appreciation gift ideas. Do you have one to share? If so, please do! Let me know if you try to create my thankful garden idea. Would even love to hear or see how you modified it and or how it turned out.

Our Thankful Garden
Our Thankful Garden

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  1. Thanks Amy! Teachers do deserve something really special!! Thanks for the feedback. My boys love putting together a thankful garden.


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