Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Instead of just giving a store bought gift or giving a gift card, why not have your child make a gift that also holds a gift card? The following is a very easy craft. I like that the craft was easy for my son, 3 yrs old, to do with minimal facilitation from me, while also being something different, useful and special for his teachers. We also made an extra pot for his grandfather for a just because gift.

This gift can be made for moms, dads, friends, and all family members just personalize your wording for what seeds they have planted in your life.

For teacher appreciation gifts this year, we filled pots with seeds and gift cards. I also added garden gnomes, for my son’s German teachers, lol, and gummy worms. My son decorated the pots with his hand-prints, painted, and for pot stuffing I used bath sponges. Pots were delivered via a brown box, with the words, “Teachers plant the seeds of Learning” painted.

What you’ll needta thor 4 copyta thor 3 copy



Paint brushes

Stuffing for inside the pots; I used bath sponges but you could also use a foam ball

Wood sticks; I used tongue depressers and some popsticle sticks


Small bags of seeds

Gift cards

Cards; I used white envelopes and painted their name on the outside with personal messages written on the inside of the card enclosed and or a gift card

Additionally, we used garden stickers which were 3D to put around the handprint of the pots and on the box (that we used for delivery)

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To Make:
1) Have your child paint his hand and help them to make painted hand-prints on the pots
2) While that dries, take wooden sticks and glue the bags of seeds, gift cards, personal cards or whatever else you would like to use for filling the pots
3) Allow those to dry
4) On the white envelopes, gift cards on the inside, I let my son paint butterfly sponges and stamp them on the cards inside and out while I painted the names of the teachers on the outside of the envelopes
5) I put bath sponges into every pot and once dry, I placed the wooden sticks with goodies amongst the sponge
6) I added in garden gnomes as my son goes to a German school and thought that would just be a cute touch
7) I also added gummy worms around the top of the pots for additional yummy cuteness
8) At the dollar store I found adorable 3D garden stickers and I let my son place them all over the pots and the box used for delivery

What have you created or given for teacher appreciation?

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