Tests run for possible preterm babies

I think it is important for high risk mothers to know and understand their options for pregnancy tests. Especially with twins, when there is a preterm birth risk, there are tests that can be monitored and ran. In my case, the doctors were monitoring the following ways:

1) cervical length: This is measured by an unltrasound probe in the vagina. The shorter or when your cervix starts to shorten then you run a higher risk of preterm delivery.

2) fetal fibronection: My doctors also call this the tree branch swab if that lets you know how “pleasant” it is for the patient. It is a test usually ran every 2 weeks via a swab of cervial secrections fooking for certain protein that usually shows up weeks before a delivery. It takes a couple of days to give you test results. A negative test results means that you will probably not go into labor within the next 2 weeks.

3) ultrasounds: I had so many of these, I think I could start doing them myself. It depends on the doctor’s peference for how frequently they want these performed. I was having an ultrasound weekly during the 2nd and 3rd trimester and 2x weekly by the 7th month of pregnancy.  

Since my doctors, especially my perinatologist, kept weekly checks on me via the above tests, when I had a placenta abruption, she was able to act quickly to save my life and the life of one of the twins.


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