How and Why to be Thankful for Laundry

Who loves doing laundry? How can one make laundry exciting or feel motivated to tackle never-ending piles of clothes to wash, fold, hang up and put away? I honestly love to serve my family, but these days I feel less like a serving wife and mother and more like a commercial establishment for laundering clothes and textiles.

This is what is left after already washing 4 loads of clothes. Very overwhelming!
This is what is left after already washing 4 loads of clothes. Very overwhelming!

Especially since the birth of our twins, laundry has increasingly grown to be my biggest frustration factor and source of grumbling. Last month, my back developed a pinched nerve. I simply can’t imagine what could have done that, between carrying 27 pound twins simultaneously, a 20+ pound diaper bag or any number of heavy carrying, mom-demanding duties in which I could suspiciously point my finger at.

Nevertheless, while I still managed to take my boys on day outings, come evening my pain was at an all-time high, and I had no energy or motivation for laundering. Fast forward, one week later, I think my pile of laundry has set an all-time record in our house.

Some of my helpers as we gather laundry from the rooms
Some of my helpers as we gather laundry from the rooms

How and Why We Can Be Thankful For Laundry, My Top 15:
1) I’m thankful to live in a place and time that has blessed me with a washing machine.

2) Having so many clothes to wash.

3) The opportunity to pray for my husband or child when I fold laundry belonging to them.

4) Observing my sweet little helpers carry and drag their clothes to the laundry room.

5) Observing my boys push and pull their little stools up to the washer to help me load.

6) Remembering to enjoy life as I watch my little helpers snuggle into the warmth of the clothes taken out of the dryer.

7) Opportunity to teach my boys how to sort using their clothes and the many baskets in the laundry room.
laundry 3 (591x489)
8) Teaching opportunity to show my boys how to slowly become more independent by doing their own laundry and keeping clothes picked up.

9) Seeing the smiles on my little helper’s faces when they have helped mama with the laundry.

10) Hearing my husband tell me how he has also sorted his laundry in the different baskets, reminding me that my partner also needs acknowledgement and encouragement.
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11) Blessed to have little and big helpers in my life.

12) Think about pioneer women and how much easier I have it by having modern conveniences: I don’t have to haul buckets of water around, heat water in an iron kettle, scrub or beat my clothes to clean them (just the clothes of my dirt, stain, finding boys), or wring the clothes out by hand.

13) Having the washer and dryer in my home and not having to haul clothes, what wasn’t stolen, back and forth from my apartment as I did while attending University.

14) The more clothes I have to wash, usually reflects the greater amounts of outings with my boys as they tend to get so dirty and need several changes of outfits in a day. As I hang these outfits up, I feel elated remembering the time and outings with my boys.

15) Clean clothes

What can you add to my list? Would love to hear why you are thankful for laundry!!
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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Thank you, God, for blessing me with a washing machine that does nearly all the work of cleaning my clothes and within the convenience and warmth of my own home. I am grateful to only have the real burden of sorting and putting the clothes away. And even in that task, I am blessed to have the opportunity to practice gratitude. Please help me to keep the attitude of gratitude. Thank you for the time of folding and sorting laundry, probably being the only time I’m forced to slow down in a day’s work, allowing me time to talk with you Lord to say thank you, and lift my children and husband up in prayer as I fold their clothes and thank You for Them.

Every Tuesday we publish a post from moms of Multiples for the TwinZone Tuesdays. I posted today’s post, how and why to be thankful for laundry, due to the fact that the pinched nerve in my back and laundry is a direct reflection from everything being quickly doubled due to my twins. Are you a mom of multiples? Are you in the TwinZone? We would love to connect and hear from you! You might also enjoy reading our past twin mom guest post, It takes a Village from Emily.

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