The Mother-in-Law Dance

 To My Dear Mother-in-Law, Ingrid

My mother-in-law, but oh, t’was you

Who taught him to be kind and true,

Somehow I never shall forget

How very much I owe

To you, who taught him how to grow

You trained your son to look above

You made him, the man I love

And so I think of that today….and many other days!

Right: A picture of my mother-in-law dancing with me at my wedding!

My husband and I “named” a verse as “ours” when we first got married in Germany. It’s my favourite verse in the bible: Where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Ruth 1:16-17


A couple of years ago, I bought a book, The Mother-in-Law Dance by Annie Chapman. I thought it might give me further insight to strengthening, even more, my own in-law realionship. I love the biblical references and examples of Ruth (daughter-in-law) and Naomi (mother-in-law). This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, opened their hearts to one another, even with their extreme differences which makes it all the more impressive their decision to love one another.


Especially now as a mother for a son, I can somewhat imagine how hard it was for my mother-in-law to deal with us moving to the States from Germany. Here is a sweet poem from the book, that makes me cry thinking of my own son leaving someday.   



Dance with the One

 Before you go dancing out of our lives

 Son, there’s a dance you must do

 With the prettiest girl at your party tonight

 She’s looking this way at you


 Go on over to her, and ask her in style

 And I’ll clear a place on the floor

 Just like you did, when you were a child

 Dance with your mother once more


 Dance with the one who bought you here

 Who loved you the most, through all of these years

 Hold her hand gently and remember the tears

 Before you tell her goodbye

 Dance one more time

 With the one who bought you here


I love reading other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes, it will be post after post, sometimes just a certain category and others just a sentence. That’s what happened today over at Michelle Derusha’s blog. In her post, her first sentence was “The day I knew I would have to say goodbye to my mother-in-law was one of the hardest, most terrifying moments I’ve ever faced.” “ That is all I needed to find my daily inspiration for writing. For me, it was a moment for me to give thanks to God for my mother-in-law. You see, I’m married to a really wonderful man and I can see the hand of my mother-in-law in him so I have a lot to thank her for. Beyond even that, she is a very kind, thoughtful and open woman. Yesterday, she told me that she is reading my blog nearly everyday. She knows this blog means a lot to me so that meant a lot!


Today I was visiting the Time-Warp Wife and reading her post on how to become one with your spouse for today’s titus2 link-up. When, speaking of Ruth, I noticed that the Time-Warp Wife does a bible study on Ruth It’s funny, the older I get, the more I can relate with certain stories and people in the bible. I also love to read how the messages are reaching other women and moms. Through their messages, I can have an even greater understanding of how God’s word is working in others. Time-Warp Wife is wonderful with her words.  

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17 thoughts on “The Mother-in-Law Dance”

  1. Found you at Women Living Well. I love this post! I have a fantastic relationship with my mother-in-law also. Thanks for the reminder to thank God for her! And I LOVE the photo of you and your mom-in-law. :)

  2. Dear Jaimie, Thank you! We love that you love our post. Always warms our hearts to hear that:-) It’s nice when I hear that others also have a good relationship with their mother-in-laws.

  3. Dear Beth, I just love the idea of you and you mother-in-love being such close friends! That is one of the richest blessings you could have. thank you for stopping by and blessing me :)

  4. I see we read and link with similar blogs! I love to hear other people’s stories of the relationship they have with their mother-in-law. Mine has become a bit of a spiritual mentor to me. She loves the Lord so deeply and prayers for her family fervently and serves joyfully. Praise God for placing these women in our lives, and for raising sons who are Christ-followers!

  5. Dear Emily,
    How wonderful to have your mother-in-law so close and as a mentor. Such a blessing in your life. Thank you for sharing! Wisemommies

  6. So true. When my Ugandan “son” was marrying, his wife, Adhe, who had almost no caring parents in her whole life, she fell in love with us and she has been a wonderful daughter-in-law… and she lives there, we live here and rarely see each other. But she blesses us constantly, b/c she loves and appreciates us. Could never have expected this blessing.

  7. The photograph says so much. I can see the energy and love between the two of you. I, too, have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. I don’t take it for granted, knowing that so many others struggle.

    Thank you for linking with the “I Do” project at The High Calling.

  8. I love this writing, I was a mom at my son’t wedding and I did dance with him, it was special and I won’t forget it, then watching him walk away with his new bride was very moving and precious. They are so very matched, only God could have done that.

  9. Dear Deidra, It is a sweet to have a close relationship with my MIL. I’m blessed!

    Dear Kerry, Thank you for your words, that means a lot. It is a gift to have a relationship with our mother-in-laws.

    Dear Joanne, Wonderfully to hear of your love and care for your daughter-in-law. I know she appreciates it more than she could ever say. Thank you for sharing from a mother-in-law’s perspective.

    love from Wisemommies

  10. Dear Jennifer, So true, that so many others struggle and a great relationship isn’t something to take for granted. I do love the photograph, was a special day, moment and relationship with my mother-in-law that keeps on building. Thanks for your feedback!

    Dear Sharon, Gave me goose bumps to read your reply. The poem for the last dance is special and I cry just thinking of that day to come. I love your last sentence of being matched only by the hands of God. I believe this as it is the same for me! Thanks so much for your reply


  11. I love this post! If we build that relationship it just lends strength to our whole lifetime of marriage. I wish I had really LOVED my mother-in-law better before she went to the Lord! Thank you for sharing this important word.

  12. Dear Jacqueline, We love that you love this post. Thank you! Time is short to truly love those in our lives. This is the case, for everyone. A good relationship with your mother-in-law does only strengthen your marriage. Thanks for sharing! Wisemommies


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