The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Everyone is always looking for that perfect pair of shoes. Let’s start with children/perfect pair: the shoes that younger and older kids can easily put on and off by themselves; they can safely run and actively play in; they are versatile enough to wear with nearly any outfit; and, best of all, they are THE pair of shoes your child wants.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t and I am excited to share these great custom designed shoes that your child (or you) can create with a talented artist and be excited to wear on a regular basis.

At our visit at the fire-station, all the firefighters actually noticed and made comments about my son's shoes. My son felt extra special the the fire-fighters thought his shoes were cool and talking to him about things he liked.....
Visiting local fire-station; All firefighters made my son feel extra special after noticing his shoes, coolness of them and talking to him about things he liked/speed racer…

How do I get my hands on these amazing shoes?
Contact Hallie for Haldos Creations and she will take your thoughts such as a favorite superhero or favorite Disney theme and designs pieces of art using special non-marking, non-fading fabric paint on TOMS shoes. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces can compliment any outfit and make a statement. pets-alive-6
Hallie knows no limits when it comes to designing customized art ON YOUR SHOES, from beloved pet or simple monograms to country flags and favorite hobby, stars and moons, to star wars and croons, you name it because she can make any wish come true.

For my son, and for his GREAT passion with cars, Hallie created speed racer shoes. speed racer shoes 3 (800x600)
He loves the special design and I love them because putting on shoes is not a struggle in my house anymore. The shoes Hallie uses for her creations are TOMS. You just tell Hallie the shoe size of the child and she will purchase and paint the TOMS. Depending on how detailed the design or subject to be painted on the shoe, Hallie can usually finish your shoe in just three days and the shoe with painted design will range in cost between $70-110.

Seriously becaue these specially designed shoes even go with my son's Lederhosen!!! Church, School, Culture events, and so much more! Perfect Shoes!
Seriously becaue these specially designed shoes even go with my son’s Lederhosen!! Modern Day German indeed!! Church, School, Cultural events, playgrounds and so much more! Perfect Shoes!

Hallie’s specially designed TOMS serve many great functions which appease this difficult-to-please-mom:
1) I haven’t needed as many shoes for my son now that he has these designed shoes from Hallie. My son is always happy to put them on and since they are easy to put on and can be dressed up or down they have replaced so many other shoes in his closet.

2) I really love the traction on TOMS especially for boys. My boys tend to sprint, stop, walk, sprint, jump, run far fast, and short sprint all simultaneously every hour; repeat. Many shoes either have too much traction such as Crocs causing my boys to always trip and fall or not enough traction such as Converse causing them to slip and fall on playgrounds.

Dressed up for Valentine's Day Party at his school
Dressed up for Valentine’s Day Party at his school:Cool with the boys,cute with the girls,comfortable fun for my son!

3) I love Crocs because they are easy to take on and off when I’m in a hurry with the boys or just quick-on-the-go shoes for running errands. I love Converse for the dress up fancy look. Since Crocs and Converse pose safety issues for my boys, I LOVE Hallie’s designed TOMS because they offer what I love about Crocs (practicality and convenience) and Converse (dress up/down fashion) and the added bonus of safer traction for all situations and surfaces.
IMG_0115 (320x320)
4) The shoes are closed-toe which I prefer for toe protection. There is no break-in period with TOMS shoes, they immediately fit comfortably. That’s going to make any kid and, therefore any parent, happy.

5) TOMS seem to give just the right amount of protection and stability but without too much cushion allowing kids feet to still bend as they walk.
6) Some shoes that my boys wear without socks tend to get real stinky, but I’ve never had this issue with TOMS.

These shoes are not only the perfect pair for children but can be the perfect shoes for women hence why I titled the post “The Perfect Pair of Shoes.” So how can that be?IMG_0060 (450x800) edited
1) Perfect for the mom on the go: I, myself, own three pairs of Toms. They are the only shoes, that I have found, which allow me to run around playgrounds and playdates keeping up with my three actively young boys without losing a shoe, losing speed, or tripping. I can easily slip TOMS shoes on and off for coming and going and I never have to wear socks, bend down to tie or untie shoes and the TOMS add a bit more fashion to my sport skort and cotton shirt wearing outfits.
2) Speaking of college, if I could turn back the clock, I would like-totally have had Hallie design some cute sorority TOMS. Go Kappa! Especially for those who attend, or attended(alumni), big State colleges how fun to have college themed TOMS to wear to games still or while watching at public viewings and parties.
IMG_0103 (320x320)
3) Perfect for grandmothers because, just like kids, these designed shoes are easy for an elderly woman to take on and off, have just the right amount of traction that they won’t easily slip but not too much so they won’t trip and fall, and they’ll enjoy having a pair of comfortable shoes that can be dressed up or dressed down for EVERY occasion.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes: Hallie Can make THIS happen!
The Perfect Pair of Shoes: In THE END the fairy tale was all about the shoe: Hallie Can make THIS happen!

4) As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

5) What I, as a WiseMommies mom chasing after three boys like to say, “I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear the right shoes and a little style to boost my self-confidence.
These are THE Perfect Shoes and Can be Had by YOU! Contact Hallie, Haldos Creations to have your perfect shoes designed today!
As Cinderella said, “One shoe can change your life” and in THE END the fairy tale was all about the shoe!!!!

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