The Stunning Petrified Wood of Glen Rose, TX

In my previous post, Outlaw Station in Glen Rose is Astonishing | Abandoned Texas I disclosed the history, location, and geological significance of an abandoned outlaw station in Glen Rose. This station, as well as some other buildings, were built with 100 million-year-old petrified wood and they are glorious. Where and what are some of the other buildings? Let’s explore The Stunning Petrified Wood of Glen Rose, TX.

Petrified Wood in Glen Rose

Stonemasons used petrified wood, found all over the area of Glen Rose, to build walls, fountains, garden walls, gas stations, and houses for local residents. There are still around 40 remaining structures built from this time period to be discovered and appreciated by geologists, fossil hunters, history lovers, and Texans.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is not really wood but a fossil. Crystals such as quartz, citrine, amethyst and other are usually found inside the cavities of petrified wood.  I love seeing the spectacular colors of petrified wood.

The Stunning Petrified Wood of Glen Rose, TX 

# 1 Abandoned Rivercrest

Stunning Abandoned River-Crest

#2 Abandoned Petrified Rivercrest House 

In the early 1920s, this town had become known as “The Petrified City.” Many residents were trying to incorporate, add to, or repair their house with stone logs, stumps, and other wood pieces to be more “Glen Rosian.” Having the look of a prehistoric stone building was all the rage.

#3 Old Historical Jail Petrified

#4  Star-Shaped Fountain in the Courthouse Square

101 NE Barnard St, Glen Rose Downtown Historic District

#5 The Courthouse Square Bandstand Next to the Star-Shaped Fountain

The fountain is made of stone and the exterior wall is made of petrified woodland fossils.

#6 Preserved Dinosaur Footprint

There is a three-toed fossilized footprint of a theropod found locally in the limestone strata. This one can be seen in the courthouse square bandstand

 #7 Fossils such as Quartz-Petrified Objects

When Masons created and built structures in Glen Rose, using petrified wood, they often used and combined the wood with other fossils such as quartz-petrified other organic objects and unique ammonites.

#8 Downtown Historical Walls Petrified

I mean the fossils and gems in this wall are just unreal!!!

#9 Glen Rose Home

#10 Another Glen Rose Home

#11 Abandoned Rivercrest Abandoned House

Stonemasons used petrified wood, found all over the area, to build walls, fountains, garden walls, gas stations, and houses for the residents of Glen Rose.

#12 Another Abandoned Building

These petrified wood structures are amazing historical works of art!

#13 Another Abandoned Glen Rose House

#14 Another Petrified Wood Home

#15 Abandoned Outlaw Station

#16 Fossil Hunters Heaven

A Geological Paradise

The Stunning Petrified Wood, Glen Rose, TX

Aren’t these petrified wood structures amazing historical works of art? To see them in real life is like visiting a museum, learning about history and seeing art. It’s a geological paradise!! If you visit Glen Rose, also check out the Big Rocks and the Abandoned Outlaw Station!

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  1. I’ve been to Glen Rose 12+ trips. Everyone knows about the dinosaur tracks but this….NO people aren’t talking about, or even know about, this historical gem of Glen Rose. How cool and amazing!! Now I REALLY have to back to Glen Rose to see the petrified wood. Your posts are the best!


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