This Ultra Blue Hole in Germany is Amazing

This Ultra Blue Hole in Germany is Amazing and seriously Ultra Blue. This was one of the most exciting off-the-beaten-path discoveries that I found while traveling across Germany with my kids, and it’s a lesser-known place even to Germans.

Blaubeuren Germany

Blaubeuren is a historic town with evidence of human habitation dating back to the ice ages. In addition to the Neanderthal caveman discoveries, this place is still imbued with mystery with the weight of long history.

The Blautopf aka Blue Hole aka Blue Pot

Blautopf means “blue pot” in German.

After walking the old town, our next discovery was The Blautopf (Blue Hole)
which is a crystal clear blue-green pool of water.

The Ultra Blue Color of the Blue Hole took us by surprise

We honestly didn’t know about this place before stumbling upon it. The ultrablue color of the blue hole took us by surprise. I’ve never seen such blue and with some green plus the yellow color of the trees surrounding. Just gorgeous!!

My oldest son said, “Mom they had to have dyed this water to get that color?”
There is no way it’s really that blue?

Why is it so blue?

It was explained to me that the water has this amazing blue hue due to “Rayleigh-Streuung“ (Rayleigh Scattering). This is the same phenomenon that makes the sky blue. That means the Blautopf’s water must be very pure.

 If there hasn’t been a lot of rain to muddy the water, this deep blue water hole will amaze you with its color.

The Legend of the Blue Hole, Blautopf

The famous legend of the Blautopf is that „Die Schöne Lau,” (a beautiful mermaid) could only bear stillborn children. She became so sad and lost any capability of laughing. Her husband was the King of the Black Sea. He banished her to the Blautopf (Blue Hole) until she could laugh once again. Laughing five times would break her stillborn curse. Her tears of great sadness are what make this Blue Hole so BLUE!

Massive Cave System Called the Blauhöhle

This blue hole is the opening to a massive underground cave system that branches all the way under the Swabian Alb.

How Deep is the Blue Hole?

The cave system begins 21 meters (69 feet) deep but the actual depth of the hole is much deeper than that even.

On the way out, there is a really cute shop. My boys picked out some minerals (what they are happily holding in the pic) and I found a wonderful book for my German husband. The book was all about the history of the pretzel. My husband makes Bavarian pretzels at home with my kids all the time!

Zum Blautopfhöhle Film

Click here to watch this award-winning film about the famous Blautopfhöhle in southern Germany. The end of the cave systems have still not been discovered.

Location and other info for The Blue Hole, Blautopf

Location: Kirchplatz 10,  89143 Blaubeuren

Entrance Fee: It’s Free

Parking: I parked in the old town and we just walked around. We literally stumbled upon this place as we were exploring. I don’t know if it was the time of the year or what but we only saw three other people walking around the blue hole and surrounding area.

Gorgeous Monastery

And this video shows the Gorgeous Monastery that we had fun exploring just before we discovered the Blautopf right around the corner!

My boys fell in love with chickens during our months living abroad in Germany. They loved to catch them, hold them, talk to them, and observe them. They don’t get to do that back home living in the big city of Dallas, TX.
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    • It really was stunning!! Germany is an AMAZING place to travel and explore. Would love to have you check back as I’m starting to publish all our stops in Germany via a 2 month road trip. Thanks for the feedback Jennifer!

    • Thanks!! It really was a wonder of nature…we still can’t believe how blue it was and the town next to it had so much to explore and see as well. Thanks for the comment!!!


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