Throw that Placenta against the Wall

 “After we deliver your twins, we are going to throw your placentas against the wall.” That is what my doctor said to me a few weeks back after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes on top of having Lupas Anticogolant and feeling so emotional with all my crazy overdosing of hormones surging through my body.


In the end, it was a placenta abruption that caused me to have an emergency C-section and preterm birth. Click here to read that post.


My doctors never put me on bedrest because the longer I could be active, even pregnant with twins (as many are put on strict bedrest), the better, due to a blood thinning disorder that I have. Many people around me told me to slow down, true I would have loved to have rested and just prepared more for the arrival of my twins, but what they did not realize is that, in my case, it is a true blessing that I stayed so active. Not only did my ability to be so fit and active during pregnancy probably delay the complication, that did eventually happen, as doctor and I feared, but my ability to be so active during pregnancy is what gave red flags to my perinatologist to check further as to why I was having contractions when others had stopped checking.

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