Time Out

I’ve been using time-out for several months now. It works well for my son. One day, at my wit’s end, when my child was throwing toys, screaming as loud as possible and walking over books, I used a playpen in the corner of the room. When my son finished, I climbed out of the playpen.

Honestly, and on a more serious note, we all lose it in some way. Whether just being impatient or a real temper, time-out can be affective for everyone. I put my child in time-out but I’ve also put my husband and myself in time-out. It’s a break from an angering (or what could be angering) situation, giving that person time to regain control and reflect. Friends have commented, “but your child doesn’t seemed bothered by time-out”. That’s fine…I’m not trying to get him bothered, angry or crying, I’m trying to help re-center, calm him, and give him time for reflection.

My husband and I call time out on each other and time out has not only helped with my child but with my marriage. We each have our special place for time out such as the enclosed porch swing, corner of the room, or a certain bed. I also like the fact that my husband and I can model time out for our child. Don’t we all wish; instead of saying those hurtful words, being sarcastic, yelling, or even avoiding (which can be passive aggressive), that we had taken a time-out and calmed down, finding a happy and loving place again?



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