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I recently read an informative article in a Dallas newspaper. It was an interview of an older, extremely successful, popular and soon to retire Dallas Pediatrician. Some of his answers to questions asked have stuck in my head. One in particular was,What is the best thing parents can do to help their children? His answer was to make sure your marriage works. This really hit me because I know that I tend to put my child before my husband. In one of my bible studies, I also heard the importance of alone time with your husband being preached. The statement: Your husband was your best friend before children and will be the one still there when your children are gone, is another statement that has stuck in my head. My husband and I are good at being best friends and making time, weekly, for ourselves together. However, we have never had time alone from our child, beyond when our child sleeps.


After nearly 3 years, my hubby and I took our first, and greatly needed, vacation alone. Yes, alone, no son!!! It was amazing and long overdo. We visited the lovely city of San Francisco.

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Above, Golden Gate and a picture of me standing in front of my most favorite restaurant in the world!! I ate there New Years Eve nearly 10+years ago and I still think of it with my mouth watering fondly. It’s a everything is Garlic restaurant and my husband (not a garlic fan) was sweet to eat there anyways. Thankfully, like me, he is open-minded….just a little dramatic (see below with his facial expressions, eating a piece of bread smothered with whole garlic.


stinking rose

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We tried on different hats, trying to find just the perfect one to bring home to our son. Also enjoyed riding the well-known cable cars! 


papa hat_2











Kissing on the same steps of Sts. Peter and Paul Church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio took wedding pictures. I love that my husband loves to laugh with me and we do laugh together!!

 steps kissing_san_franrandon san_fran_2 










Many now complain that Fisherman’s Wharf is touristy, dirty and a “can skip” part of San Franciso these days. Well like most others, we went anyways and really liked it.


randon san_fran

















We enjoyed observing the seals at Pier 39, eating fresh seafood from street vendors, touring the old WWII historic boats, Boudin museum (Martini & Popsicles “born” here), Musee Mechanique for vintage arcades. Got to play pac-man again for 25Cents and my German husband played it for the first timeJ Had some fortune tellers (see below) predict that we are greatly in love and would have a long and happy life together J 

kissing museum_2

kissing museum

















We loved walking through Chinatown and North Beach(Italian Town)! Alcatraz Island; You can understand how crazy it must have made the prisoners of Alcatraz Island to be so close, but unattainable, to life in San Francisco.

north beach













Sometimes it is hard to believe that we went from living and travelling through 7-15 countries a year, our first 3 years of marriage, to never even taking a road trip out of Dallas for 3 years following. I’ve quickly realized how difficult the balance is between children and married life. Thankfully, my husband balances me and makes me a better person. I strive to always work on keeping my marriage strong while also meeting the needs of my child. (Below) Just some of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon in Greece & Turkey, over 5 years ago!!


1 a_kissing_4

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To all hard working moms out there focusing on being a great mother, don’t forget to focus on being a great spouse. One of the best gifts you can give your children is to have a loving relationship with their father. Side note: To the single moms out there, my thoughts are also with you….coming from a divorced home, I grew up observing my mother still showing my dad respect, love, support and speaking kindly of him which was beneficial in its own way! Also, to my mother, Omi, thank you for supporting our marriage and taking such great care of your grand, our little boy, allowing us to take this trip to San Fran. Thanks are also do to our wonderful Uncle Thomas who also helped Omi, watching his newphew while we were gone.

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  1. Oh so true! The best you can give your child is to love their father. This for sure makes me a better mom. I don’t want my boys thinking the world (me) revolves around them. I’m am first a wife, then a mother, datenights help me keep that perspective!

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