Tips on how to play with your baby

Playing is one of the best things you and your baby can do together.
Play is how babies develop a sense of themselves and their place in the world. Here are a few tips for fun games you can play with your baby.

Shake the rattle
Fill empty water bottles with interesting and colorful “objects” such as, buttons, beans, rice, even Jell-O powder. Be sure to tightly secure the lids with packing tape. Crawlers will love to chase after such fun filled bottles/rattles.

Babies love to be surprised as they learn that things they can´t see still exist. Covering you face with your hands or a towel and letting go with an enthusiastic peekaboo will certainly get your baby giggling and having a good time. You can also play it in other ways, by ducking down behind the counter and appear with a hat on or a funny face.

Outdoor experience
Don´t underestimate the positive effects a little fresh air has on you and your baby. Take your baby out of the stroller, pull a leaf off a tree or some grass from the ground and let you baby feel it. Put his hand on the tree trunk and let him sit on the grass to let him feel around. Doing this gives babies a sense of what their world is made of. Name what you see and hear so your child can pick up the words and connect them to objects.

Rock and roll the ball
I bet you still have your big exercise ball somewhere around the house collecting dust. Here is a way to use it for playing with your child until you get back into the workout mode. Begin slowly, sit on the ball while holding your child and rock back and forth or sideways. If you child gets used to the rolling you can go one step forward. Sit your child on the ball while holding his body and roll him very slightly in different directions. Once you baby is on the move he will push the big ball around on the floor and chase after it.

Dance party
Babies love music so why not have a dance party? Different beats and jargons of music, stimulate different parts of the brain. It´s also helping your baby with language and social skills development. Even more important, it´s a lot of fun for your child. So take out your rattles or make your own margarine container drum and get rocking!

Do you have a favorite play-time event with your baby? Or what was your favorite?

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