Travel to Mexico Without Leaving Dallas

Travel to Mexico Without Leaving Dallas. If you live in Dallas but would like to feel like you have traveled to Mexico. Take a little trip to Garibaldi, 9334 E RL Thornton Frwy, Dallas, TX 75228. From the food, the people, the shops and more, you will literally feel transported into Mexico.

Pinatas and Masks little Mexico
Piñatas and lucha libre máscaras (masks)

Garibaldi Bazaar is a maze of small booths, nearly 300 actually, and is considered a Mexican flea market in East Dallas. From the churros to the charros this place is not just Mexican themed but is 100% culturally authentic with its fun fiesta kick. Ok, most of the booth tenants speak English, and it’s harder to haggle over prices as one might in Mexico, but goods are still sold at competitive discounted prices. I bought an authentic embroidered Puebla Mexican dress, priced at $30 but paid $22.

dresses in little Mexico
I bought a beautiful, authentic, embroidered, Puebla Mexican dress
restaurant in little Mexico
Fantastic food! Homemade Mexican flour tortillas, Tortillas de Harina de Castilla, yum yum!

If you go too early, not all the shops/booths will be open and you will be one of the sole shoppers. The later you go, the louder the music and the busier it gets. At one point, I was already struggling to get through crowds with my stroller.

random several
All you can buy soccer gear. We also came across an old Pokemon game. Vendors are all around outside too!

If you go on a cold day, be prepared to be greeted at the front with complimentary hot Mexican Chocolate. On the weekends, you’ll most likely get to have fun at amusement rides set up in the front. We had our Austrian cousin living with us, and he wanted to visit Mexico. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it down to Mexico, but experiencing Garibaldi gave him a taste of Mexico!

eating in little Mexico
Yummy food!!! Our Austrian cousin is pouring some SALSA on his food to eat….he is adapting folks!!

I also enjoyed the selection of traditional Mexican baptism items, piñatas and party decorations, toys, freshly squeezed fruit drinks, perfumes, quinceañera dresses, shoes, boots, western wear, live animals(yes seriously), tattoo parlors, barber shops, cell phones for sale, lots of soccer gear from shoes to shirts and so much more.

food in little Mexico
Every corner has freshly squeezed fruit. Also, lots and lots of sweets, oh my!
While Illegal in America, oh snap, we just purchased Kinder eggs with the toys inside them, WHAT?!?!!! We also saw a lot of pharmacy drugs that you could/I mean should not be able to purchase in the US....and some other very crazy/interesting, questionable...
While illegal in America, oh snap, we just purchased Kinder eggs with the toys inside them, WHAT?!?!!! We also saw some other very crazy, interesting, questionable…

Garibaldi Bazaar is located at 9334 E RL Thornton Frwy, Dallas, TX 75228. Hours for the store are Monday- Friday 12pm-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-8pm, and closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jesus and some other figures that my boys weren’t too sure about!

Follow our fun adventures as we go off the beaten path all over DFW, USA, Texas and Europe(European posts being published in 2019).

Feature picture credit: H. Caesar via / CC BY-NC-ND

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