TwinZone Tuesdays: Take One for Two

I’ve spent the last two+ years writing in my journal about my venture into the TwinZone. My initial surprise at being pregnant with twins, to having them and watching them grow has been every bit as emotional and challenging as possibly imagined. For a long time, I’ve wanted to share some posts to not only fortify my own sanity, but to help support other twin moms and document my journey on this blog for my children to see later.

For me, writing can be a way of releasing some tension, expressing fears, satiating anger, reiterating happiness, fostering hope and to also seek answers and support from other moms. Other tips and tricks from moms have helped literally save my sanity and I, in kind, would enjoy sharing my best of the best with others. We have other moms of multiples who will be sharing some of their tips, tricks, and stories for our TwinZone Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we will be posting about twins and multiples. It will be an ongoing Tuesday TwinZone TwinFest. If you are a mom of multiples, and would like to share your story, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and share with others through our blog, WiseMommies.

I’ve struggled with what my first post should be for my twin series, and I finally decided that it would be: I’m struggling with what to first write about regarding my series on twins (i.e. Take One for Two).

As a matter of fact, every time I’ve started writing anything at all, I’ve become very emotional. Having twins has been quite emotional for me which I will talk about in future posts such as: best and the worst; why I’m grateful to have twins; what is hard about having twins; and why I never wanted twins.

I want my posts to help other twin moms that might be scared or feel isolated, to know that they aren’t alone. I would like my posts to help them turn those feelings into joyous feelings so that they can more fully enjoy their twins but still feel vindicated in those feelings but not let those feelings of guilt ruin the precious time with their twins. Also, I hope some of my twin posts can help other moms of multiples prepare in order to better overall manage twins and still be mobile. For me, personally, it made a huge difference in my attitude once I was able to get out and about with the twins in tote.

Starting in December (2014), every Tuesday there will be a post about Multiples for the TwinZone Tuesdays. Are you a mom of multiples? Are you in the TwinZone? We would love to connect and hear from you!

Sharing is Caring!