Unusual places to read with your child

 Try Reading in Unusual Places with Your Child

  1. At a nearby arboretum/park while enjoying a picnic
  2. Spread a blanket, on the floor, at home and have an indoor picnic
  3. Under a nice shady tree or on a hammock
  4. Build a fort on a rainy day but travel far through some books
  5. Have a “dinner read” (see below)
  6. Keep a bag of books in your car for grocery store shopping, sitting in traffic, waiting in line at a store, or other events which allow you the opportunity to pop out a book for your child to ponder through
  7. Have a “dinner read” once a week!
    Everyone in the family brings something to read, aloud, to the dinner table for a “dinner read”. It can be a funny story, a joke, a newspaper or magazine article, something a friend wrote, or the receipe for that night’s dinner. After each family member reads, everyone should talk about what was read. The point is that you set aside special reading time for your family, children can see that reading is important to the whole family, and you are making a memorable, fun, and cheap but entertaining family night. Don’t forget to turn off all TVs.

    Reading is such a gift that you can give to your child by encouraging them to read.
    Read daily to your child and it is NEVER too young to start reading!
    Do you enjoy reading? How often do you read to your kid(s)?

    Sharing is Caring!

3 thoughts on “Unusual places to read with your child”

  1. Just came across your blog via WLW. I enjoyed reading about foods that work as natural sunblock and also about the fact that you give books as gifts! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed week!

  2. Dear Megan, Thanks for checking us out and giving feedback as to what you like. We love to know what people enjoy reading. Thank you for your comment and blessing. We cherish our readers and supporters. warmest wishes, wisemommies


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