Why Do I Use Cloth Diapers?

First comes love, then comes baby, then comes….all the questions! When you talk with friends and family everyone asks “How are you sleeping?” When you see the pediatrician they ask “How much formula is the baby eating?” or “How often and how long are the nursing sessions?” When you and your partner have a minute to talk you are asking “Are we doing this right?”

I want to be honest….when you become a parent your life does not revolve around this cute, wrinkly seven-poundish little snuggler. No, your life revolves around sleep, food & poop.




Here’s the thing: no one asks you about the poop…but it is there. You celebrate it. You inspect it. You smell it. Your life revolves around poop. And what catches the poop? The diaper.

Now there are two types of diapers….disposables & cloth. There are lots of websites you can go to and look up the differences between each of them. There are even more websites that can explain why cloth is better than disposables and there are even more websites dedicated to explaining the various kinds of cloth diapers and how to use them. So I will not bore you with those details.

Why did we decide to cloth diaper? Let’s be honest, I love saving the earth; I love reducing my carbon foot print; I love teaching my children the value of the dollar; but really here are the reasons why I love cloth diapers.

First…my daughter was considered a Rainbow Baby….a baby born after the storm of miscarriage (or miscarriages in our instance). So I HAD to get a rainbow diaper.

Rainbow butt


Then there was the nostalgic remembrance of my childhood and playing with Rainbow Brite. 



Then there was that time when a diaper was on sale and had elephants.




And then I started to get into a diaper for different holidays….like St. Patrick’s Day.




And any patriotic holiday PatriotBaby


And Halloween



And Thanksgiving



How can you NOT love cloth diapering after all that cuteness? I just fell in love with the variety of diapers and also supporting Work-at-Home-Moms like Shelby at Brilliant Bums or Nicole at Honeybuns. I am not ashamed to admit when I first started cloth diapering I thought it was CRAZY TALK to buy prints and specialty diapers but now here is the majority of my print and specialty diaper “stash”.

Diaper Love

Newborn to toddler, cloth diapers are amazingly versatile and unique. We’ve used pretty much all kinds of cloth diapers from fitteds to prefolds to AIO and everything in between. We also use disposables and even tried Elimination Communication and Potty Training early. So yes, first comes love, then comes baby, then comes POOP and it does really become the topic of your life for the first few years and beyond.

Do you use cloth diapers? If so what are your favorite ones? Do you have a favorite WAHM or brand? Why do you use cloth?

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  1. You speak the truth! I love cloth even when we aren’t using it…. We’re on a cloth “break” going on 6 months now.


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