What does Veteran’s Day Mean to You?

Good looking men in the featured picture, don’t you think? Brave, strong, confident, compassionate, kind, and good ole’boys? Well, yes to answer that question. The picture is of my grandfather and great-uncle. My grandfather is a medaled WWII Veteran, and he exemplified all the adjectives listed above and more.

Happy Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2015; I am reflecting about what this day means because:

1) Just remembering my grandfather who fought in a war that helped make this country what it is today.

2) I am a DAR, “Daughters of the American Revolution” which means I have an ancestor who helped contribute and fight for the independence of the United States of America.

3) I’m ususally thinking about some of the conversations I had had with my French girlfriend, from our time living in Ireland together: She told stories passed down from her grandmother of how in awe and thankful the French were when the American soldiers arrived in Normandy to help fight for another country’s freedom. Her grandmother and other women were kissing all the cheeks of the soldiers and crying with joy at the fulfilled hope.

4) My son’s school is celebrating and acknowledging all war heroes through a formal ceremony. First, an informal breakfast will be served to all families. Then everyone will go to the chapel where children will open the ceremony singing patriotic songs and saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of America. After that, men who have served a country (any country) will go forward for acknowledgement.

5) Seeing a man on the streets that my three boys and I passed, begging, and forgotten; served our country but remains unknown. I know he was a war veteran because we had a conversation in passing.

I’m not sure what motivated me to post about Veteran’s Day again this year, but it was heavy on my heart to just say: I pray and think about those who care for and serve their country. I also feel honored to be a descendant of people who were willing to potentially give themselves for the freedom of one’s country.

What does Veteran’s Day Mean to You?
Happy Veteran’s Day

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2 thoughts on “What does Veteran’s Day Mean to You?”

  1. I found this post moving. My father fought in WWII as well, and people have a hard time appreciating what that means for our ability to be free and even our standard of living here in America today. My son is now abroad fighting a different kind of war, and although the “mastermind” is less singular (like Hitler or the Japanese war machine (of that era)) the moving-target threat of extremism is just as real a threat to our way of life and freedom to live life fully here is America. We have to fight a lot for a little security. Think how much one missed threat changed the way we travel in American and the joy of that travel, that aspect of our way of life. I worry that Americans will appreciate these sacrifices less over time because they have a hard time seeing the big picture. American doesn’t have the luxury of being passive, not if we enjoy our current level of freedoms, both big and small. I pray not only for our troops but for Americans to see the big picture of the troops’ sacrifice.

    • Henrietta,

      Thank you so very much. I was extremely moved at your feedback. Your words speak a lot of truth. I’m praying the same prayers as you, and tonight I said a prayer for your son. Thanks to him for his service.
      Last year, I heard a mom speak about the fear she had raising 5 sons and one going off to war. I also fear this from one of my three boys. Then as all 5 of her sons grew up and became successful in life she felt safe because they were safe. Then her 5th son called from his last year of medical school to tell her he had enrolled in the Army or Marines(don’t remember which), and he told her after because he knew she would try to talk him out of it. She took the news badly and struggled greatly with this. In the end, she talked about how proud she is of her son and even had a magazine from New York Times where her son had been featured on the front page from an extremely heroic event that took place overseas. He saved many many men even when he thought he was going to die. Her lesson to us moms with young boys was the importance of raising brave sons. Sounds like you did the same!


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