Basic Safety Tips to Prevent Drowning

Summer is here again. Before you hit the pools, gear you and your family up with some safety rules for the pool. After attending a water safety class through the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, we WiseMommies have picked up important tips:

Here are some Basic Safety Tips
The 3 B’s

Be Informed
• Drowning is a quick and silent killer
• Backyard pools/spas need fences/alarms
• Lifejackets save lives
• Alcohol and water activities are a bad mix

Be Alert
• Danger zones: bathtubs, buckets, toilets, pools and spas
• Supervise with your eyes, always be a water watcher
• Reach and throw: don’t go
• Summer sun, water fun, if trouble comes, call 9-1-1

Be Prepared
• Learn to swim at any age
• Learn CPR for the family
• Keep safety equipment nearby

For further information: know before you go, dfts Tx website safety tips

Do you have any advice or stories you can share for water safety?

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