Wedding Oak | Legendary Tree in San Saba, Texas

This Texas Live Oak is also a legendary tree. Often referred to as the “Marriage Oak,” “Matrimonial Alter,” “Matrimonial Oak,” but officially known as the “Wedding Oak.” This tree is famously known for having strong magical powers. It’s also one of the oldest trees in the state. Wedding Oak | Legendary Tree in San Saba, Texas

Becoming a Legendary Tree

Native Americans

Traditions and love for this tree began with the local Native Americans. Comanche thought the tree was sacred and held council meetings under the tree.

In addition to the Comanche, other local Native Americans believed the tree to be magical.

It was used by the Native Americans as a Matrimonial Alter. By standing under the tree to be wed, they believed their relationship would be blessed by the magic of the tree.

The tradition of having a wedding ceremony under the tree continued with the white settlers that moved into the area. They also hoped the tree would bestow blessings upon their marriages.

Still to this day, it’s a symbolic site for newlyweds, weddings, and other ceremonies.

National Geographic

National Geographic listed the Wedding Oak Tree as one of its ten most remarkable trees for Earth Day 2016.

Wedding Oak – Legendary Tree in San Saba, Texas

Age of The Wedding Oak

Articles about the Wedding Oak often call it the 400-yr-old oak tree. However, locals and other documents say the tree could be around 1000 years old.


Around 4 miles northwest of town. China Creek Rd, N Wallace St, San Saba, TX 76877. How I Drove to The Wedding Tree: From Hwy 190 in San Saba, I turned right on 9th street, left on China Creek Road (CR 200), and a mile down the road on the right was The Wedding Oak.

Is it Worth the Trip?

Wedding Oak, Legendary Tree

The tree lost a huge limb in 2017. Locals feared losing the tree but thankfully it seems to still be surviving and growing. When I compare pictures to what the tree looked like before 2017 to when we saw it, I’d say the tree was practically cut in half.

April 2021, my son standing beside the Wedding Oak. It is still big and beautiful!

Sadly, the damage really took a toll on the appearance of the tree. I love the history of the tree. However, if I had not been driving close to San Saba, then I would have to say, no, not worth going out of your way to see it.

The Regency Bridge

I would absolutely recommend going out of your way to see The Regency Bridge.

And if you are in San Saba and going to The Regency Bridge, then yes to stopping and seeing The Wedding Oak.

Wedding Oak Winery

Another possible stop in San Saba is the Wedding Oak Winery. It’s named after the well-known Wedding Oak Tree just 2.5 miles from the winery. There is a tasting room available on site. For more information, Wedding Oak Winery. I can not personally give a review of the winery as I did not stop at the winery during this trip through San Saba.

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