West Nile Virus

According to the U.S. Health director, Dallas is the epicentre for the West Nile Virus. They are spraying for West Nile in Dallas neighborhoods. Click here for dates and times. I know that my family likes to go for night swims or sit outside for a late dinner, so we check the schedule for the sprays to make sure we aren’t outside at those times.


Not in Dallas? Click here for local information regarding the West Nile Virus for your area in the US or Canada.

The Dallas County’s Website maps out zip codes where mosquito pools have tested positive and where human cases have been confirmed. Click here for that info. Out of only 8 zip codes in Dallas which have tested positive for a human case, our zip was a match. It’s good to be informed, take precautions to defend yourself against the mosquitoes, and know when they are spraying so you can stay inside.   


Remember that August to September are the worst months being the peak activity for Mosquitos. Be informed now!

Photo Credit: Discovery Earth

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