MoMe Yoga at We Yogis in Dallas

If I could convince moms to take the time with their babies and infants to embark on a MoMe class, it would be MoMe Yoga. With my first son, starting with 5 months until currently (at home now) I have spent time doing MoMe Yoga with him at least monthly. Currently, I attend a MoMe Yoga with my twins.

Not only are you incorporating the babies into the workout by “using them” as weights, but you are also singing nursery rhymes to the babies while doing different yoga moves. The babies are moved to the rhythm of the songs and with a multitude of rhymes helping them with language development, brain development and thinking skills.

Every Friday, I so looked forward to my yoga day. It is precious time that I get to share bonding with my babies while doing something for mama. It is also the best exercise while trying to recover post-pregnancy to strengthen my pelvic floor. A free MoMe yoga class used to be offered at the library inside Northpark Mall. This is what I attended with my son. From Northpark, they moved the MoMe Yoga class its current location of WeYogis, 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 150, Dallas, Tx, 75209

I may not get to do a whole hour of yoga, most moms don’t, as most babies start to get hungry, need an emergency diaper change, decide to fall asleep and such, but everyone gets some sort of work out. With my own, and with the other moms who consistently come, the babies get into their own routine or even start doing some yoga themselves. Seriously, already my 9 month olds have sat beside the instructor on her mat to watch others (see picture below), have sat on their own mat and copied a foot stretch that we were all doing, and have done the “down dog” position on their own.

franz w instructor
One of my twins with our wonderful yoga instructor

You do have to pay for these classes. However, your first class to try out is free! Why not give it a try, at least?!?!  In the end, the way I see it, I’m paying for a music and socialization class for the babies while simultaneously getting a nice workout. I feel readjusted and aligned, every week, after my class. Besides swimming in our pool, or running around with my kiddos, it’s the only opportunity for me to really workout.

 Also, if you are like me and have an older child, they have childcare. The staff is extremely nice and helpful! My son loves hanging out in the childcare and I usually have a staff member running to open the door for me as I carry my twins, in car seats, into the yoga gym and even back to the class.

 This is a very family friendly yoga gym! They even have Lil Yogis classes for toddlers (3-5yrs) which I plan on enrolling my toddler into. One of the teachers for this class attends MoMe Yoga as well.

Hope to see you there, Beth, wisemommies with the twins!

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4 thoughts on “MoMe Yoga at We Yogis in Dallas”

  1. Diana,

    It is fun and I love the idea too. I don’t want to leave my babies in childcare yet so this is the only way I get to work out…MoMe yoga is really a lot of fun!! 😆

  2. Thanks for telling me about this class. It was great to meet you in person at the last yoga class. See you next Friday, my lil loves the class and so do I! 🙂


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