What a German thinks of Root Beer

Today I was reminiscing over a funny story from last year, when my family attended the Old City Park Candlelight at Dallas Heritage Village. Click here for discounted tickets to this year’s event My German husband, who is very German when it comes to his beer, went into one of the old General stores and was excited to order a root beer for only 75Cents. When I came into the general store, he was making the funniest face. He thought the root beer was the worst tasting beer that he had ever had in his life…just when he thought that American beer couldn’t get any worse. I had to explain to him that root beer was not actually beer. His serious and seriously “offended” German manner came out then as he asked me “why do they call it root “beer” then instead of root “soda”? Are they trying to fool me?” To this day, he thinks “beer” should be taken out of the name root beer! Guess he’ll be having the apple cider at Old City Park, this year!!



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4 thoughts on “What a German thinks of Root Beer”

  1. 😆 In the north, we have Cheerwine soda, and my French mother-in-law wondered why it came in such a brightly colored bottle and was served at the local gas station… she bought it anyway. I think her “offended” face would match your husband’s.

  2. Hi Susan, Haven’t heard of Cheerwine soda. Funny, laughing from your mother-in-law’s story.Priceless!Thanks so much for sharing… Wisemommies


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