WiseMen and Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

WiseMommies would like to acknowledge the amazing WiseMen in our lives today as well as some of our ideal gifting ideas for father’s day. Happy Father’s Day to all those great fathers, papas, and papis out there.

To our WiseMen, William Shakespeare said, “It is a Wise Father That Knows His Own Child.” If in this quote alone, Ferdinand & Marko (our WiseMen), then you both stand with great wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to put into practice what it takes to work on being a great parent, father, and husband. From being a man of character, you set an example, to reading a book for an hour at night, to comforting our children when they cry, you show so much devotion, and enduring love.

Even after working hard all day long, as soon as you come home from work, you always put on the father hat and jump in to helping your loving wife and seeking time with your children. You’ll never know how much our hearts truly soars when, at the end of the day, we hear the door open and you yell out hello, when you come home early to help with swim lessons, or sacrifice your own sleep to give cuddles and comfort during the night.

Every day, I pray for your safe return home to your family, and everyday as my prayers are answered, I thank God for giving you to us. My heart soars with happiness having you as the father of our children! And, above all, thank you for loving me like you do, showing our children that our marriage is important to you and loving on me as your wife, their mother, so that they listen and respect me. Through your support I am better prepared to discipline, giving our children the foundation and strength of two parents united together for their betterment. We love you, Happy Father’s Day!

My gift idea for fathers:
Homemade Coupons; This is my husband’s favorite gift, and best of all it is free, which is pleasing to the family budget and my husband who works so hard to provide financially for our family. The coupons can be anything that would be special to your husband. We also like simple gifts such as gifting time and handmade treasures from the kids. Gifting time to your husband where he can work on a project or hobby and giving cards made by the children; simple, easy, and inexpensive.

From our WiseFamilies to yours, Happy Father’s Day, we hope you have a relaxing, memorable, family weekend celebrating a special father in your life.

How will you celebrate Father’s Day? What gift ideas, for father’s day, can you share?

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