Your Reading Actions Speak Louder than Words

 If your child sees you reading, they will probably grow up to be a reader themself. Actions speak louder than words and research backs this with regard to reading! For older children; When you see that your child is observing you reading, take the opportunity to pull them in through some questions such as: 1) Do you know what I’m reading? 2) Talk to them about why you are reading that article or book 3) Ask them something about themselves such as, do you prefer to read something for the information, to support a thought/fact, or just for fun?

Another idea is to have a Family Dinner Read.


You can also model reading, while interacting with your child during the day. I do this by keeping the TV OFF during the day and instead I carry a magazine or book always in hand. Generally, I will sit in my child’s room, while he plays, and have my read in hand. He generally wants my attention whether just to watch him play or actually play with him, but sometimes I can get a 5-10 minute read in every couple of hours. I even take the opportunity to further engage him in my reading by showing him a picture every now and then, magazine reads, to show and tell what mom is reading. I’m usually reading baby/toddler magazines so he likes the pictures and what I have to say.



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